What is Lapis Lazuli ? Lapis Lazuli Use & Properties by The Crystal Cure.

Color – Deep Blue Flecked with Gold.
Rarity – Easily Obtained.

Lapis Lazuli is to be said as a Protective Stone That Contacts Spirit Guardians.This Stone Recognizes Pythic Attack,Blocks it,and returns the energy to its source.
Lapis Lazuli opens the Third eye and Balances the throat Chakra.Lapis Lazuli Quickly Realeases stress,Bringing deep peace.
Lapis Lazuli harmonizes the physical,emotional,mental,and spiritual levels.
Lapis Lazuli Energy assist you to reveal inner truth and allows self-expression without holding back or compromising. Lapis Lazuli assist you to put your opinions,Point,your view.

Healing –
Lapis Lazuli is beneficial to cure from Headaches. Lapis Lazuli Overcomes deafness and boost the system .It helps to lowers Blood Pressure also .

How to Use ?

Place or wear it at the Throat or third eye . Use Bracelet,Pendant and much of more things available in Lapis Lazuli Stone.

Products in Lapis Lazuli

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